Aug 12, 2014

12/8/14 | OOTN

Outfit from clubbing a few weeks ago!

Top - Supre
Shorts - Supre
Necklace - Equip
Canvas - KMart

Yes I over-wear these shorts.
No I don't care.

(would have worn red Vans but couldn't be bothered running downstairs to grab them :x)

Aug 11, 2014

11/8/14 | OOTN

Outfit from past weekend I wore to a birthday.

Top - Macy's (American Rag)
Shorts - Supre
Canvas - KMart

Excuse my bruises. I bruise like a peach.

Jul 31, 2014

30/7/14 | OOTD

It's been awhile.

Top - Mirrou
Jeans - Charlotte Russe
Scarf - Rubi
For shoes I wore combat boots

Sorry for the lack of posts! I've been a busy bee lately but I have definitely not forgotten about this blog.
Will try to get more posts up seeing as I'll be out almost every single day of the week :)
Thanks to everyone who still checks up on this regularly though!
Stay updated on my lifestyle blog - I post more on there than on here.
(because one link isn't enough)

Jun 15, 2014

15/6/14 | OOTD

Top - Temt
Jacket - Gifted
Jeans - Charlotte Russe
Scarf - eBay
Boots - Dotti

Jun 4, 2014

4/6/14 | OOTN

Movie night outfit~

Top - Mirrou
Jeans - Charlotte Russe
Jacket - Glassons
Scarf - Rubi
Boots - Cotton On